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Queensland towns saved by drought-breaking rains

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Image: North West Star – Hamish Griffin

Parts of Queensland have received drought-breaking rainfall to end a summer of desperation.

One town little town that’s had the best of the rain is Cloncurry, an hour and a half east of Mount Isa in the state’s north-west.

Home to just 2,700 people, the tow and its surrounding land received 200mm of rain on Saturday alone.

Cloncurry Mayor Greg Campbell tells Alan it’s already had a huge impact on the community.

“It was well and truly a dream come true to see it fall. It fell beautifully, not heavy, no storms with it, it was just fantastic.

Alan, “What are the graziers saying?”

“A couple of them are still very wet. There’s been a few properties, only about 30 kilometres from town, they had in excess of 400mm.

“It takes a little bit of time for the grass to grow and the economic impact to come through but for what it does instantly to people’s spirits and their happiness.

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