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Tourism industry wants baby boomers put to work

The Queensland Tourism industry is pushing for travelling baby boomers to be given backpacker style working holiday visas. 

Qld Tourism Industry Council CEO Daniel Gschwind wants grey nomads visiting Australia to have access to working holiday visas the same as young backpackers.

“We know that people travel for all sorts of reasons now,” Mr Gschwid tells John Stanley.

“Many of them want to explore the community in a bit more depth.

“It’s an opportunity to engage with them.”

Mr Gschwind says people over 55 are not all frail and incapable of travelling, and many want the opportunity to try different things.

“They wouldn’t be taking jobs from Australians.

“These jobs are limited to six months at a time.

“They’re field jobs that are difficult to fill in regional areas, particularly in agriculture and hospitality.”

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