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Top Hollywood fertility doctor’s advice to Aussies trying to start a family

One of America’s top fertility doctors is in Australia to share his advice with those desperate to start a family.

Dr Shahin Ghadir, often referred to as the fertility doctor to the stars, has come all the way from California to help Aussies in need.

He tells Chris Smith he sees many Australian patients in California, as there is far more technology available and the laws surrounding infertility treatment and surrogacy are much more relaxed.

Dr Ghandir says his best piece of advice to Aussies trying to get pregnant is to be very careful when travelling overseas for treatment.

“We see a lot of patients that travel to smaller places, smaller countries that are maybe more relaxed on laws, but don’t have the technology.

“I know that many people go to these places because they’re trying to figure it out financially, but at the end of the day doing three or four cycles somewhere where it’s cheaper is not saving you money, versus doing it at one place where you get the best care and it’s legal.”

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Dr Ghandir was also able to stick around and answer some common questions from listeners about infertility.

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