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Todd Greenberg concedes he can’t guarantee when crowds will be back

NRL CEO Todd Greenberg has conceded he isn’t sure when crowds will be allowed back in to watch footy matches.

It comes after the NRL on Friday announced tough measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus by locking out fans from NRL games as of round two.

Fans have attended the opening three matches of round one so far and will be permitted to do so for the rest of the season’s opening week.

Greenberg told The Continuous Call Team that it’s essential to be taking the necessary precautions.

“I can’t answer it at the moment and to be fair I don’t think anyone can answer that question at the moment,” Greenberg said.

“It’s the question that everyone wants answered because what people dislike most is uncertainty in their life.

“None of us know when we’ll be back in normal operating business.

“What do we know now is we’ve got to try and take as many precautions now and if we do that and we can stop spreading the virus, ideally we’ll be back in business sooner rather than later.”

Fans who are unwell are encouraged not to attend games.


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Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images.