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Today marks 100 years since Australia and America became ‘forged in blood’

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Today marks 100 years since one of the most significant battles of World War I and the first time in history Australians and Americans fought together.

The Battle of Hamel was also the first time Sir John Monash led the Australian corps. The beginning of a revered military career.

After just 93 minutes of fighting, we had two Victoria Cross recipients, 775 Australian dead, 39 American dead, 2,000 German casualties and an allied victory.

Doctor Brendan Nelson says the battle was important for so many reasons.

He tells Michael McLaren it’s led to a bond with America that goes far beyond war.

“Monash said that the Australians at the end of the battle regarded the Americans as “blood brothers”.

“And that is the seminal event in what has been an alliance with the United States. One which has been forged in blood but one which is bound in values, capability, interoperability, intelligence and training.

“There are voices in our country that are saying we should focus less on the United States… but in the end, our values are our interests and our interests are our values.”

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