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To thong, or not to thong?

This has listeners divided

When is it okay to wear thongs? And yes, we’re talking about the footwear…

Nearing summer, it’s got us thinking, when are thongs okay and when are they not?

Sure, they’re fine at home, but what about going to dinner?

We took it to the open line and had some mixed opinions.

Mic from Canberra loves his thongs.

“Winter, summer, anywhere.”

So is John, who has an indoor pair and an outdoor pair.

“I got a fancy pair if I’ve got to out [and] I’ve got an old pair which I wear out in the yard.”

But he really starts to push the boundaries with something some might believe is a little controversial.

During winter… John still wears his thongs.

“Socks go on and the thongs stay on!” he tells Deborah Knight.

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Another caller, however, doesn’t agree, telling Deborah, “I’m old enough to remember when the rubber thong first appeared in Australia”.

He says they became “instantly popular”.

But then something happened…

“I was in the Philippines… walking down the street with a young lady, and I’m wearing a pair of thongs and she’s looked down at my feet… fairly disdainfully.”

She asked John why he was wearing his slippers in the street.

“Something happened to me,” he says.

“Something shifted irrevocably in my head, and I have never been able to wear thongs outside the house since.”

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This has listeners divided