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‘This is our song now’: John Farnham’s backstage moment with Mitch Tambo

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Indigneous singer Mitch Tambo has revealed the special moment he shared backstage with Aussie music icon John Farnham at the Fire Fight Australia concert.

Mr Tambo performed ‘You’re the Voice’ for the grand finale of Fire Fight Australia concert in February alongside John Farnham, Olivia Newton-John and Queen’s Brian May.

He told Deborah Knight he was “overwhelmed” by the support and encouragement Mr Farnham gave him.

“The way in which they treated me was just like I was in a room with my grandparents: this unconditional feeling of love and acceptance.

“John grabbed me and gave me a great hug and said, ‘This song isn’t mine, this song’s our song now’.”

Mr Tambo said he was apprehensive at first about performing a song which has already been covered many times by other artists, deciding he would put his own spin on it by singing the lyrics in the Gamilaraay language.

“I realised that the whole message behind the song was standing up against domestic violence, so I resonated with that.

“We’ve got to stand up for our women, they’re our queens. They bring all this beautiful life into this planet.

“But we also need to accept one another and love one another, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality, ethnicity.

“If we could all just come together … that would create such a beautiful platform for the next generation to walk upon.”

Mitch Tambo new single ‘Love’ is out today.

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