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‘This is getting a little bit silly now’: ANZAC Day flyovers refused exemption

A group of pilots in southeast Queensland have been banned from undertaking their usual flyovers for ANZAC Day because of coronavirus concerns.

The four pilots asked permission to fly in separate planes, from separate hangars overhead several RSLs to mark the day.

Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young would not grant the exemption despite the pilots being the only ones in the WWII-era planes, who had promised social distancing on the tarmac.

Queensland MP David Crisafulli told Alan Jones the event would raise spirits in the community.

“Four separate people, four separate planes, four separate hangars. And they don’t even want to congregate after they just want to do this to pay their respect.

“Now come on, this is getting a little bit silly now.

“This would be, for many people, the only sense of normality on ANZAC Day they will get, to see these planes overhead.

“And yet some bureaucrat in some disconnection to reality will say no!

“This is punchdrunk bureaucrats who are power-hungry and it needs to be called out.”

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Image: Getty/Hagen Hopkins