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The brilliant young inventor on a mission to save Australian women

Macinley Butson hasn’t even graduated high school yet, but an invention she designed could save Australian lives.

17-year-old Macinley is NSW’s current Young Australian of the Year and is the mastermind behind “Smart Armour”, a technology aimed to help suffering breast cancer patients.

The copper armour acts to shield a healthy breast from potentially harmful radiation treatment, with her idea arising after a chat with her father.

“We were talking just over dinner… my Dad does work in radiation therapy,” she tells Chris Smith.

“He mentioned the contralateral breast, which is the breast that’s not being treated, receives radiation during treatment.

“I’ve seen the effects of radiation therapy and so I thought… what can I do to help? And that’s how it was born.”

The technology is now being tested at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and Macinley says she has high hopes for her invention.

“I’m hoping to get it into as many hospitals as possible as soon as possible,” she says.

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Macinley has been invited to represent Australia at the Research Science Institute, a six-week program in Boston for the world’s brightest young minds and she needs our help to get there.

You can help support Macinley’s journey here.

Image: @ausoftheyear Twitter