This adorable nanna is putting us all to shame

This could be the most adorable nanna in Sydney, and she’s left Ray Hadley in tears of laughter.

An email dropped into Ray’s inbox telling him about a dedicated softball player on the Northern Beaches… who has just turned 80!

Despite her age, Fay Aterini has refused to give up the sport she loves, even forging her date of birth to ward off any doubters.

Fay tells Ray she began playing to keep her occupied, after losing her husband to a heart attack in the 1990s.

Her only regret is she hasn’t been playing for longer.

“Not as long as I’d like!” she laughs.

Fay’s club, the Davidson Dames, loves her to bits, especially her habit of hugging each teammate before every game.

“You make all of us who are a bit younger feel lazy!” says Ray.

This adorable chat left Ray in stitches, click PLAY below to hear the full interview


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