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‘They’re bastards!’: Looters targeting homes evacuated due to bushfires

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Northern NSW residents who had to flee their homes because of raging bushfires not only face the threat of their homes burning down, but also the threat of looters.

MidCoast mayor David West tells Steve Price groups of looters are attempting to break into the empty homes of people who had to evacuate due to the fires.

“People are losing their bloody assets they’ve fought all of their life to get and these people that go in to steal what’s not nailed down.

“I mean what drives these animals… no, I won’t call them animals because animals love each other… they’re bastards.

“How do you treat these people… it should be exactly the same as someone that sets the fire.

“Lock em’ up and get them off the street.”

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Mayor West has worked non-stop to assist the tens of thousands of residents in his local area.

“I thought I was bulletproof being a retired policeman but I’m hearing stories from people that are unbelievable, ” says the mayor.

“Houses exploding and people dying.

“The effects of this will go on for years.”

Image: Getty / Brook Mitchell