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‘They lied’: Ray Hadley explains why Sri Lankan family must be deported

It’s an issue that’s divided the nation… the Sri Lankan family from Biloela who are awaiting deportation.

The mother, father and two daughters have been sent to Christmas Island, as a court injunction delays the government’s decision to send them home.

Alan Jones has been extremely vocal in his support for the family who had settled in regional Queensland.

Federal Labor is also backing the Tamil family but the government is standing firm by the Federal Court’s ruling that they are not genuine refugees.

Ray Hadley says that’s the right decision and explains why.

“It’s very simple… they lied,” says Ray.

“The woman came from Chennai, which is in India. That’s where she set sail from and she’d been living there for an extended period.

“The now-husband had travelled from Sri Lanka to the Middle East on three separate occasions and had returned on three separate occasions.

“The civil war ended in May of 2009, over 10 years ago, and there are plenty of Tamils going back there now that don’t have a problem.”

Ray says bending the rules would be a green light for people smugglers to start sending boats again.

“I’m sorry, as tough as it may be, we’re either tough on border protection or we’re not. You can’t have both!”

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison has made it clear he will not intervene in the family’s case because he doesn’t want the situation to be exploited by people smugglers.

Political commentator Peta Credlin tells Ben Fordham the Prime Minister is “200 per cent right”.

“Let us not forget they came here illegally… I think they’re a lovely family, but go back where you came from and apply the right way.”

Former Labor senator Graham Richardson agrees, insisting Australia simply “can’t afford” to have people gaming the system.

“If you make exceptions on these things, eventually there’s not just little cracks in the wall, you’ll drive buses through the cracks.”

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