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‘These people are heroes’: Ray Hadley encourages public to call out attacks on nurses

Ray Hadley is calling for the community to stand with health care workers amid reports of abuse due to coronavirus fears.

Dozens of nurses have reported being verbally and even physically abused by members of the public who accuse them of carrying coronavirus.

Now, for their safety, they are being instructed not to wear their uniforms outside of work.

But Ray Hadley says these workers should be protected and, without violence, the public should support them.

“These people are heroes; they need to be acclaimed, they don’t need to be hidden.

“If you see someone attacking a health care worker, you defend, you stand with those people.

“As a decent, fair, community, we say ‘no, we’re not hiding these people’, they are heroes and they should be treated as such.”

NSW Health Services Union Secretary Gerard Hayes agrees, insisting they are carrying a large burden and need to be protected.

“We should be saying ‘please wear your uniform in public, we need to be backing you’.

“They’re out there trying to save lives every single day.

“These guys are carrying a lot of burdens and a lot of worries and the public needs to get behind them.”

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