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‘There’s an undercurrent of racism’: Senator Jim Molan weighs in on US riots

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As protests and riots across the US enter their seventh day, there are concerns extremist groups have become involved to deliberately cause civil unrest.

NSW Senator Jim Molan condemned the police officer charged with the murder of George Floyd, but told Mark Levy protests have spiraled away from the tragedy and further in line with “deep divisions in US society”.

“We all know that there’s an undercurrent of racism in the US.

“I still believe that the most racist countries I’ve ever been to have been other countries, not the US, particularly Asian countries.

“We’ve seen throughout US history the most appalling things happening, but what we see over there now is something starts off, anger by local people against the killing, and then in comes left and right extremist groups.”

Senator Molan called on President Donald Trump to address the nation away from social media, but expressed doubt about whether he could deliver “a written speech based on consensus”.

“I am very concerned about the President.

“Generally I support his international stand on many things, but I’m concerned because I don’t believe that he is exhibiting the kind of leadership that I would be more comfortable with.”

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Image: Nine News Australia