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The Wiggles’ manager tells Ray about the moment he lost his baby girl to SIDS

Every year in Australia, 3,200 babies die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Nine every single day.

This has to stop.

This Friday, June 29 is Red Nose Day, aimed at achieving just that. A stop to the devastation experienced by families who lose babies to SIDS.

Paul Field is the Managing Director of The Wiggles, brother of blue Wiggle Anthony and ex-frontman of The Cockroaches.

He’s also one of many parents who has experienced the heartbreak of losing a baby to SIDS.

He joins Ray Hadley in the studio ahead of Red Nose Day.

WATCH as Paul relives the moment he found out his baby girl had died from SIDS 

Ray and Paul also moved on to lighter topics, chatting about The Wiggles and his brother Anthony’s recent hospital visit in Boston.

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For more information about Red Nose Day or to donate, CLICK HERE