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The vote was rigged! Outrageous details about Lady Cilento Hospital poll

New data is questioning the credibility of a state government poll which was used to change the name of Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.

More than 38,000 votes were recorded, with the majority of respondents voting in favour of changing the hospital’s name.

But it appears the vote was rigged, with Channel Nine reporting thousands of votes came from the same IP addresses.

An IP address helps identify a device on the internet and can be described as a computer’s home address. Several computers can have the same one.

Nine found out of more than 23,000 “yes” votes in the survey, nearly 18,000 came from 74 IP addresses.

In September, Health Minister Steven Miles said the results favoured a name change and the facility would be renamed Queensland Children’s Hospital.

Ray Hadley is calling on Minister Miles to reverse the government’s decision.

“You lied on the floor of parliament, inadvertently, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, but you lied mate.

“People under your control from the Department of Health rigged the vote.

“The good people of Queensland deserve a better result than a rigged vote to suit your political purposes.

“So fix it and fix it now.”

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