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The US rejected them but will parents of asylum seeker children be allowed into Australia?

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has dodged questions about whether parents of asylum seeker children will come to Australia.

The federal government has announced all children on Nauru will be brought here by the end of the year.

When asked by Ray Hadley whether the children being relocated will be accompanied by their parents, Mr Dutton refused to give details.

“The government has been working through both Manus and Nauru. We’ve closed a regional processing centre in Manus, Labor had women and children up there.

“We got the women and children off there.

“We’re in the process of doing it in Nauru but we’re doing it in a way that’s not going to restart boats.”

Mr Dutton says the government’s been very clear that asylum seekers, once they’ve received medical assistance, will be sent home.

But Ray is questioning Mr Dutton’s claims.

“It might be the expectation, Minister, but you know the lawyers are lining up… to let them stay here.”

When asked whether parents, who were rejected by the United States on security grounds, will be allowed to come here with their children, Mr Dutton says they’ll look at each case individually.

“I’ve had cases before where I’ve made decisions that the father will stay in custody and the child and the mother will go out into the community.

“We work through each of those cases.”

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