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The UK faces its deadliest day so far as coronavirus death toll soars

The United Kingdom has seen its deadliest day so far with its coronavirus death toll soaring above 7000 people.

High Commissioner to the UK George Brandis tells Deborah Knight the situation in the UK is intensely serious, with the death rate increasing by approximately 700 to 800 people per day.

“Nobody has seen anything like this in our lifetime.

“People have really been shocked at the fact the prime minister Mr (Boris) Johnson has been taken to intensive care where he is in a stable condition.”

Mr Brandis says whilst the UK is dismayed at COVID-19’s impact on their lives they are coping with it in the way British people do, in a very “phlegmatic way”.

“It’s a somber mood, of course, the streets are empty… but this is a nation that has endured a lot historically.

“There is this spirit of determination to get through this.”

Mr Brandis says there are about 140,000 Australians living and working in the UK every year, with about one million tourists on top of that.

“My advice to Australians in the United Kingdom who want to get home to Australia is… don’t delay, book your flight back to Australia as soon as possible.”

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