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‘The trainwreck’s here!’: Broncos Old Boys chairman fires up over ‘idiotic’ ultimatum

Brisbane Broncos coach Anthony Seibold has been handed an ultimatum by the club’s board.

If the Broncos don’t win at least five of their next 10 games, Seibold will be out of a job.

Chairman of the Brisbane Broncos Old Boys Chris Johns called the decision “crazy”, telling Mark Levy and Billy Slater immediate action is needed to save the club.

“It’s idiotical [sic].

“Why would you do that? When is a 50 per cent win record acceptable at the Broncos?

“Everyone’s waiting for the next catastrophe: it’s already happened! The trainwreck’s here!

“Let’s change now: get someone in there and start making changes now.”

Mr Johns argued a review committee would do a more effective job of finding the source of the club’s misery.

“The foundations of your house have got to be right if you want to build something special.

“It’s not right: the CEO, chairman and the committees … to build what Anthony Seibold’s about aren’t the right people.

“That’s got to change first. Let’s get rid of the top tree.”

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Image: Brisbane Broncos/Official Website, Twitter/Brisbane Broncos Old Boys