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The Tattooist of Auschwitz: a heart-warming story arising from tragedy

On January 30, 1933, Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany. That day changed the world forever.

In the years that have followed, we’ve been given an insight into what the Jewish community experienced during the Holocaust.

Out of the pain and suffering, a heart-warming love story emerged. The story of Lale and Gita Sokolov.

Heather Morris, author of the Tattooist of Auschwitz, joins Chris Smith to share what it was like to write about them.

“Lale was the optimist throughout the entire time. He had this outlook that they were going to leave that place and have a life together.

“[Gita] didn’t see a life outside the barbed-wire fence.”

The two first met when Lale was tasked with tattooing Gita with her identification number.

Heather says she worked for weeks and months to gain Lale’s trust and become his friend.

18 months later she had done their story justice.

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Chris Smith