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The ‘silent killer’ taking 60 lives daily

Kidney disease is known as a “silent killer”.

1.7 million Australians suffer from chronic kidney diseases with 60 people dying a day from the condition.

In light of Kidney Health Week, clinical director at Kidney Health Australia Dr Shilpa Jesudason tells Alan Jones more about the “silent killer”.

“90% of people with chronic kidney disease actually don’t know they have it because there are no symptoms.

“You can really only pick up that abnormal regulation if you see your doctor, have your blood pressure checked and have blood and urine tests.

“In my clinic… we regularly have people coming off the street that have had a blood test for whatever reason and we have to tell them that you’ve got advanced, end-stage kidney failure and they had no idea.”

Dr Jesudason says there is a way to keep on top of your kidney health and that’s by accessing Kidney Health Australia’s website to check whether you’re at risk.

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