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The real stinger in the bee decline

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Climate groups have been shining a light on the decline of the bee population, but why are they really dying?

Climate activists gathered in Sydney, some dressed as bees and beekeepers, to stage a “die-in” to highlight the threat climate change poses to biodiversity.

NSW Apiarists’ Association President Stephen Targett tells Ross Greenwood bee populations are dying around the world.

European honey bees, which are mainly used for pollinating crops, are being killed by a disease called the Varroa mite.

Mr Targett says they are working with the government to keep the disease out of Australia.

“We have so far managed to keep Varroa mite out of Australia, for how long we don’t know but we want to keep it out for as long as possible.”

He also says the drought and industrial farming are contributing to the decline in the bee population worldwide.

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