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The ‘nuts’ effect of coronavirus on Aussie retailer Cue

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The Australian fashion industry has been hit hard during the coronavirus lockdowns, with Cue Clothing Company admitting they saw closing as their only option.

There has been a roundtable meeting with prominent local fashion designers and brands, industry leaders and academics to discuss the creation of jobs and manufacturing in Australia.

Cue Clothing Company Executive Director Justin Levis told Deborah Knight times have been tough, with sales down by as much as 90 per cent.

“I just saw my sales plummeting day by day.

“I get a call saying that one of our staff members has the virus. I can’t buy any personal protection equipment because it’s all sold out. No masks, no hand sanitisers, can’t even supply toilet paper in some instances!

“And it was like, what are we meant to do here? This is just nuts!

“Given that situation we were just forced to close our stores.”

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