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The ‘most important day’ for police to honour the fallen

Australians are being asked to pause and pay tribute to police officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty for National Police Remembrance Day.

Queensland Police Acting Assistant Commissioner Virginia Nelson said it’s a day to honour the memory and sacrifice of fallen officers.

She said this year, the four police officers who died in the tragic crash on the Eastern Freeway in Melbourne in April were in their thoughts.

“Today is our most important day in the year, we acknowledge the families, friends and colleagues of those who have passed away,” she told Deborah Knight.

“This year we are certainly remembering especially the officers from Victoria Police whose lives were lost in that horrific crash down in Victoria.

“Such a tragic loss, as are all of the people who have been lost in the line of duty.”

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Queensland Police Union President and CEO Ian Leavers told Scott Emerson policing is “certainly challenging” at the moment, and the responsibilities of police have shifted.

“What we’ve seen in recent times mental health and domestic violence are core business for police.

“With COVID taking place, we are on the forefront.”

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Shadow police minister Dan Purdie attended the ceremony both in his capacity as a member of parliament, and to represent his wife whose great-grandfather was killed on duty.

“It’s a sad story in that my wife’s grandmother … never really got to know her dad.”

Mr Purdie was touched by the experiences shared by the families.

“As an ex-copper, you can always tell the stories about mates that we know that we’ve lost.

“It’s such an important day, and I was so honoured to be there.”

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Image: Queensland Police Service

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