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The Liberal Party has suffered another ‘major hiccup’

Labor has retained its lead over the Coalition for the 33rd Newspoll in a row.

Smithy’s All-Star Rowan Dean says the government’s latest loss is yet another “major hiccup” for the Liberal Party.

“The last Newspoll did have the Coalition getting better, getting almost within striking distance of the Labor Party,” Rowan tells Chris Smith.

“This has put a real spanner in the works.

“What it means is that even despite the Budget… people still aren’t buying the Liberal Party.”

Although Labor has maintained their lead on a two-party preferred basis, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is well ahead of Labor leader Bill Shorten as preferred PM.

Rowan says the Opposition Leader’s unpopularity is protecting the Coalition’s chances at the next election.

“People don’t particularly like the Liberal Party… and yet Shorten is so ridiculously unpopular that that makes Malcolm Turnbull look good in comparison.”

The latest opinion poll spelled more bad news for Labor, with over 60% of those surveyed supporting company tax cuts.

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