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The Kiwi chef making waves in London by defying tradition

The Balcon’s head chef Matt Greenwood isn’t one to stick to tradition.

The French-inspired restaurant he runs is based in the Sofitel Hotel in London.

Just last week, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and New Zealand’s leader Jacinda Ardern dined there.

But the menu is one you wouldn’t expect.

With both Kiwi and Aussie roots, Matt tells Chris Smith how his own fusion background inspires his creations.

“There’s always a place for the traditional food,” he says.

“But quite often it might have a French idea with French produce… but we can use a Chinese technique.

“That doesn’t take away from a dish, that adds to a dish.”

Matt also tells Chris how he feels about less than generous portion sizes.

“I don’t want anyone standing up after three courses and feel like they need to go get a burger.”

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