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The events that shaped our nation: See what came in on top

In the lead up to Australia Day, people tend to have a deeper look at issues surrounding national identity.

Researchers at the Social Research Centre have released their survey results for the most impactful events in the country.

The survey called people to nominate events in their lifetime which they felt had the greatest impact on the country.

The survey garnered a response from over 2,000 people, ranging in ages from 18-93-years-old and spanning five generations, all the way from the Silent Generation to Gen Z.

The Global Financial Crisis of 2008, the Americas Cup win of 1983 and Julia Gillard as the first female Prime Minister all tied for tenth place.

Chris Smith speaks with CEO of Social Research Centre Darren Pennay to get the full rundown.

To find out what else made the cut, listen to the full interview below