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‘The end is near’: Dairy farmers pushed to the brink

Australian dairy farmers say they’re finally on the edge of extinction after almost a decade of the major supermarkets’ milk price war.

Farmers say the cost of production is greater than what they’re receiving for their milk.

The NSW Farmers’ Dairy Committee Chairman Colin Thompson tells Alan Jones the introduction of dollar-a-litre milk nine years ago was the beginning of the end.

“We believe that it’s taken around $2 billion out of farmers’ pockets over that period of time.

“Farmers have just lost sustainability, they’ve lost viability.

“And now, they’re losing hope and they’re losing their farms.”

In the 1980s there were 22,000 dairy farmers in Australia, making up 16 per cent of global production.

Now there are just 6000 remaining, creating as little as 6 per cent.

Alan Jones says the Prime Minister must act and must act now.

“Do we care or don’t we?” asks Alan.

“Are we happy to be importing dairy products are we?

“If nothing changes, I’m sorry, the end is near.¬†Manufacturing is gone, does dairy go next?”