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The brave Australian brothers who rose to a monumental challenge

In 1919, Australian Prime Minister Billy Hughes set a monumental challenge.

Four months after the Great War ended, the Australian government announced a lucrative £10,000 prize for the first Australians to fly from Great Britain to Australia.

Brothers Ross and Keith Smith overcame incredible odds, fixed a potentially disastrous fuel leak with chewing gum and became the first pilots to complete the challenge.

Other teams weren’t so fortunate, with several crashing and dying.

Almost 100 years on, a new air race has been announced to remember the brave crews who risked their lives for adventure.

Chris Heverin is the mastermind behind the centenary celebration and joins Alan from Darwin.

“We’re going ahead, we’re pressing on in the spirit of 100 years ago.

“Most importantly, we’re announcing the launch of the Centenary e-race.

“This is a recreation, a reenactment of the race from London to Darwin. We’ll be tracing pretty much the same course.”

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