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The amazing man who has given Alan Jones a ‘massive inferiority complex’

James Pittar started going blind at the age of 16 and has done amazing things since.

The Rainbow Club ambassador takes on some of the longest and toughest swims in the world, raising awareness for children living with a disability.

Mr Pittar became the first blind person to swim the English Channel in 1998 and has swum the 30km stretch from Perth to Rottnest Island multiple times, among other incredible feats.

Alan Jones has hailed Mr Pittar as an inspiration.

“You’ve given me a massive inferiority complex. Thank you for everything you’ve done over the years and helping others,” Alan says.

Mr Pittar tells Alan that hours of swimming can be mentally strenuous.

“I have a group of friends who blow a loudhailer and we have a long blast over your left and two short ones over your right.

“In the English Channel I went for 14 hours and I would have heard a signal like that probably three or four times a minute.”

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Image: Getty/Jamie McDonald