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‘That’s what we’ve got to do’: Resources Minister on what energy policy needs

Resources Minister Matt Canavan says to secure Australia’s energy future is to build power stations, including those fired by coal.

Earlier this week, Energy Minister Angus Taylor told Alan “nothing would stand in his way” to bring down power prices.

The Prime Minister has indicated the Paris targets will remain in place under his leadership, saying sticking to the agreement will have “no impact” on the cost of electricity.

“If there’s anyone in government who wants to persist with the global warming rubbish and the Paris agreement then, I’m sorry, they have no hope of winning government,” Alan Jones says.

Senator Canavan insists Australia isn’t bound by the “three-page document” and abiding by them won’t stop us from building new coal-fired power stations.

“What I want to focus on is solving the crisis we have in energy today,” he says.

“I’m not that focused on 2030 or 2050.

“We’ve got to build power stations, that’s what we’ve got to do.”

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