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‘That’s ridiculous’: Treasurer Josh Frydenberg denies he’s ageist

Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has defended himself against claims he doesn’t value older Australians.

He was accused of being ageist after he delivered a speech last night encouraging older Australians to retrain and stay in the workforce for longer.

Although initial reports suggested he would imply our ageing population was a “burden” on the economy, he tells Steve Price he never used that word.

“I made it very clear in the speech it’s not about forcing people to stay in the workforce, but rather giving them the opportunity and the choice to pursue lifelong learning and skills training if that is what they choose.”

He also categorically denied accusations of ageism.

“That’s ridiculous. It’s like asking me if I’m a racist. Of course I’m not.

“I’m very proud of the contribution that senior Australians are making to the economy and I want to encourage them to continue to do so.”

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