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‘That peaked about 5000 years ago’: Professor says planet has been cooling for millennia

Global warming is one of the world’s hottest topics, talked about endlessly by politicians, scientists, activists and the general public.

Fighting it has become a multi-billion dollar industry that has seen electricity prices skyrocket, particularly in Australia.

But one professor believes the planet is actually in a cooling phase, and has been for thousands of years.

Professor Ian Plimer has long been sceptical of climate change theories and tells Alan Jones the science is clear in his eyes.

“We know we have cycles of glaciation and cycles of an interglacial.

“We’re currently in one of those warm interglacials that peaked about 5000 years ago and over the last 5000 years, it has been cooling.

“And if you want to waste a lot of public money, you should be wasting it on the next inevitable climate change, which is global cooling.”

Professor Plimer tells Alan it’s unbelievable that carbon dioxide is still being demonised.

“How can you argue that the gas of life, that all life hangs off, is actually a pollutant or a poison?

“You have to be delusional, or live in Canberra, to have the view that carbon dioxide is poisonous.”

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