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‘That is ridiculous!’: Steve Price slams latest vegan outrage

Bunnings’ efforts to raise money for bushfire victims through its beloved sausage sizzle have been slammed online by a vegan.

The hardware giant announced proceeds from sausage sizzles held on November 22 will go towards those who have been affected by the fires and drought in New South Wales and Queensland.

But this has been slammed online in a vegan Facebook group with one person writing, “Why oh why are people selling sausages to raise money when it’s known that meat is a contributing factor to climate change? Which is a contributing factor to these fires!”

“It honestly baffles my mind and makes me so sad.

“It’s a heartbreaking vicious cycle.”

But Steve Price says such a claim is outlandish.

“I’ve just about had it with these people. I mean, really? Seriously?

“So this vegan says that Bunnings should not contribute money to the bushfire victims because meat, and eating it, causes climate change? I mean that will do me. That is ridiculous!”

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Former NSW Liberal Leader Kerry Chikarovski tells John Stanley she will be visiting a Bunning’s stall.

“I think corporates around this country will be looking at ways in which they can raise money to help people in those terrible circumstances, with the bushfires.”

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Image: Getty/Simon McGill