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‘Technology’s here to stay’: Paul Gallen defends NRL bunker

Mark Levy and Paul Gallen have gotten into a heated debate over the merits (and demerits) of technology in sport.

The bunker will reportedly not return in 2021, and to that Mark is saying “hallelujah” after yet another controversial decision.

At an annual price tag of $2 million, Mark said the NRL can’t justify the cost.

Gal disagreed, arguing video refereeing is a modern inevitability and technology has benefited the game.

“Think about all the good things that this has done.

“I understand there are still a few stuff-ups, because there are humans involved and humans will make errors.

“I keep going back to the wingers … without the video referee, they would be awarded no tries.

“Technology’s here to stay, it’s going nowhere!”

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