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Teachers group wants books that ‘challenge heterosexism’ added to curriculum

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The latest politically correct push is calling for high school students to study more books featuring same-sex relationships.

But an academic think tank is slamming the move, arguing text selection should be based on literary merit, not filling an arbitrary quota.

Centre for Independent Studies Director Dr. Jeremy Sammut tells Alan Jones this kind of quota would diminish the education all kids receive.

“Unfortunately this is another case, another week, another politically correct agenda trying to subvert the true purpose of education.”

A group of English teachers is pushing for the inclusion of books that “challenge heterosexism” after researchers from the Queensland University of Technology claimed only two of the 21 English texts recommended by the national curriculum authority contain relationships outside ‘the heterosexual norm.’

But Dr. Sammut says school isn’t the place to play identity politics.

“We need to fight back against this kind of stuff, and we need to defend the right of kids to get a proper education and not to be indoctrinated at school.”

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