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Sydneysiders encouraged to visit South Coast after devastating bushfires

The South Coast is open for visitors after horrific bushfires tore through towns and devastated communities.

Easing conditions and a cooler change over the next few weeks is expected to provide relief for firefighters.

The police have identified the South Coast as safe to visit and people are being urged to go down and help boost the local economy.

NSW Emergency Services Minister David Elliott tells Deborah Knight all bushfire-affected areas are in need of support.

“We need to get anybody to go visit anywhere in NSW at the moment.

“There will always be no-go zones and people need to make sure that the roads they’re planning to travel are open.

“The South Coast is a very, very, important part of the state’s tourism industry but there are places on the north coast as well… that need that level of support.”

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Image: Getty/Xavier Hoenner Photography