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Sydney to Hobart: A race record set to tumble

Ross Greenwood speaks with Macquarie Media’s Steve Barker for a Sydney to Hobart update.

“It’s brilliant.

“Comanche and Wild Oats XI are sitting on about 27 knots of speed.

“Imagine 45-48 km an hour, semi-trailer, no breaks with a 14 story thing on your back; they’re just flying.

“They’re actually 5 or 6 ahead of Perpetual Loyal’s massive race record time of last year.”

Years ago, 40 hours was considered an unachievable finish time, but now, for the second year in a row, the boats are set to smash that barrier.

“With technology, boats are lighter and certainly faster. They run them lighter.

“You’re hearing reports that the race record will be broken at 8 or 9 tonight. That won’t happen. They’ll fly today but once they get into Tasmanian waters… that’s where tactics will really come to play.”

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Ross Greenwood