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‘Superstar’ former detective reveals her strangest motorcycle gang stories

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Decorated detective Deborah Wallace is retiring after spending decades at the forefront of the fight against organised crime.

Previously the commander of the NSW Gangs Squad’s Strike Force Raptor, Deb has put some of the country’s most dangerous bikie gang members behind bars.

“I think I’ve just left the best job in the world,” she tells Mark Levy, joining him in the studio.

Deb has shared many of her most extraordinary stories, including the time a senior member of the Nomads outlaw motorcycle gang grovelled to her after making a sexist comment.

“Two months later I was walking through Marylands… and I saw him at a coffee shop. He was really still upset about saying those things, disrespecting me I guess, and he offered to take me for a coffee.

“I just said ‘I don’t think I can… I might get booked for consorting!'”

Mark Levy was singing the praises of the “superstar” detective.

“These are the sorts of people we should be putting on a pedestal.”

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