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Study reveals frightening news for rugby players

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A study of NRL players has revealed some troubling news about the effect of concussions on the brain.

The study has found former prop and Australian representative Ian Roberts, who was knocked out 14 times during his career, now sufferers brain damage.

Author of the research and concussion expert Dr Alan Pearce tells Chris Smith more.

“They were all former NRL professional players. They were aged around 50 years of age.

“Their fine motor skills are slower, their memory was impaired.”

Dr Pearce says we need to be careful about labelling the brain impairments “irreversible”.

“I think that’s one thing we need to be careful about. The idea with the research was what can we do now and how can we possibly help these people through rehab.”

“As long as you’re playing contact sport there’s always going to be a risk of a head injury.

“It comes down to the management of someone who’s got a suspected concussion.”

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