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‘Stop the soft and cuddly approach’, all migrants should face mandatory English test

Do we need to ensure all new arrivals to Australia can speak English?

“Absolutely,” says Chris Smith.

Currently, primary applicants must pass a conversational English test before being accepted as permanent residents.

But the federal government is concerned their partners and children aren’t picking up the language and is looking to expand the test to include all people seeking to stay in Australia.

Citizenship Minister Alan Tudge says it’s in the best interests of migrants.

According to Census data, by 2021 more than one million people in Australia will have little or no English skills.

Chris is slamming the government for being “far too lax” in its approach to ensuring migrants can speak certain levels of English.

“Australia is at serious risk of becoming just like parts of Europe where there are parallel communities.

“We don’t want parallel communities!

“Stop the soft and cuddly approach and make something constructive happen.”

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