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Steve Price savages former colleague Derryn Hinch

Steve Price

Steve Price has had enough of Derryn Hinch and his drinking.

“Derryn, wake up to yourself and get off the grog!”

He’s calling out Hinch following his fall from an Uber earlier this week, labelling the former radio broadcaster “a big noting tosser”.

Going way back with the now taxpayer-funded Senator Derryn Hinch, Steve says the experience was “intoxicating”.

“He loved a long lunch, he loved a big drink.”

At the time of Hinch’s liver transplant in 2011, Steve caused a stir suggesting Hinch wasn’t deserving of an organ donation.

“It wasn’t the right thing to do to, giving a rare, hard to source and valuable donor liver to a bloke who had destroyed his own liver because of alcohol consumption.

“Hinch blew up, promising he would never drink again.

“All the normal Hinch bull and bluster,” he says.

But in an interview with Ben Fordham on Thursday, Hinch, without remorse, admitted he’ll keep drinking.

“This is a bloke who’s a Senator in the Australian parliament,” says Steve.

“What if it was Senator Michaelia Cash, what would we be saying then about the behaviour of an Australian Senator?

“What would we be saying if it was Bill Shorten or Malcolm Turnbull?

“But because it’s Derryn Hinch we’ll just let him have a media conference, let him talk about how he’s going to continue to drinking, let him destroy liver number two.”

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Steve Price