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Steve Price grills federal MP over energy price promise

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Steve Price is keeping up the fight on behalf of listeners, grilling a federal MP on the government’s power bills promises.

Scott Morrison won the election on the back of a guarantee that energy prices will come down.

But listeners have been flooding the openline saying that’s just not happening, after a concerning report about older Australians who can’t afford to turn their heaters on this winter.

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Federal MP Craig Kelly trotted out the party line, saying people need to ring around and ask for a better deal.

But Steve Price says that’s just not good enough.

“So you’re not going to bring it down, you’re going to make all the consumers ring around to get their own discount,” says Steve.

The Member for Hughes admits, “There’s a lot of work we [the government] need to do in this space.”

“You are absolutely right Steve, this has to be the number one priority of this term of government.”

“The government’s got to fix this,” says Steve.

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Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor told Macquarie Radio on Monday that prices are so high at the moment states are limiting gas exploration projects.

But energy expert Bruce Robertson, from the Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, says that’s a “lie”.

“Australia has tripled its production on the east coast in recent years and we are swimming in gas.

“This puts a lie to what the energy minister is saying.”

He tells Steve Price Australians are paying 70 per cent more than we should be for gas.

“Gas prices in Australia are way, way, way above international parity prices and this means that gas… is simply uneconomic in this country.

“This is just price gouging, on a massive scale, by these gas cartels that control both the wholesale market and the retail market.”

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