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Steve Price confronts Greens Councillor lending his office to illegal protesters

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Steve Price has confronted a Greens Councillor who is allowing illegal protestors to plan from his taxpayer-funded office and has compared their actions to Anzac Day marches.

Johnathan Sri has been supporting the Extinction Rebellion group which has repeatedly shut down Brisbane streets, protesting against climate change.

Their actions have caused significant delays for commuters and taken up an enormous amount of police resources.

In a post on Facebook, Councillor Sri says “it’s a legitimate and effective strategy” and likened it to “a whole range of parades and events (eg Anzac Day marches) [that] block Brisbane streets all the time and inconvenience motorists.”

Steve Price questioned the Greens councillor’s claims that climate change will lead to hundreds of millions of refugees around the world and his support for illegal protesters.

“I do support broadly their demands,” says Mr Sri.

“I realise it’s a controversial tactic but I think under the circumstance where we have such a broken political system, people do need to engage in civil disobedience to get their voices heard.”

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Federal Minister Matt Canavan is from Queensland and says Councillor Sri is “well known” for these kind of views.

“What frustrates me is these people think they should be able to dictators.

“They talk about democracy but when they lose at an election they just go and protest and whinge and whine.”

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It’s not the first time Councillor Sri has advocated for people to break the law.

In a fiery interview with Ben Fordham last year, he stood by his support of people vandalising bus shelter advertising.

“I’m not surprised when I hear that disgruntled residents are vandalising advertising on bus shelters,” Mr Sri said.

“In fact, I wish it happened more often.”

Greens councillor refuses to apologise for encouraging public to break the law