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Steve Price and Rita Panahi clash over the right penalty for Nick Kyrgios

Steve Price and Rita Panahi have clashed on air about the most appropriate penalty for Nick Kyrgios’ latest stunt.

The controversial tennis star has been fined $166,742 after he abused an umpire at the Cincinnati Masters calling him a “f****** tool” before spitting in his direction.

Steve says this is not Kyrgios’ first meltdown and that his behaviour is unacceptable.

“He should not be allowed to continue to behave like that.

“Deregister him. Who needs him?”

But Rita is a little bit more sympathetic.

She says while Kyrgios’ actions are “indefensible” she thinks Steve has gone too far.

“I think that’s too hard… maybe give him a six-month suspension.

“I know the callers are going to go after me for this, but I think perhaps national representation, actually playing for your country other than just playing for a paycheck and playing for yourself, might actually help him and improve his attitude.”

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Image: Getty/ Minas Panagiotakis