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Solar panel subsidies push power prices up even higher

Solar panels are hitting your power bills, even if you don’t have any on your roof.

A report from the Clean Energy Regulator shows the government’s solar power subsidies are costing Australians $1.3 billion a year.

Those costs add about $100 to your power bill.

Liberal MP Craig Kelly, Chair of the Coalition’s Backbench Energy and Environment Committee, tells Chris Smith those who can least afford the price hike are the ones hit the hardest.

“The person who puts those on their roof gets all those subsidies but that’s paid for by everyone else that doesn’t install on their roof.

“All these schemes have done is make electricity prices dearer for every single Australian.”

Chris says we’ve reached a “new level of idiocy in this country”.

“Can’t we have a country using its resources reliably, affordably, until the technology is more efficient?”

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