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Society will be ‘sectioned’: New carbon standard to send car prices skyrocketing

The car industry is nervous about plans the Ministerial Forum on Vehicle Emissions has for the future of cars in Australia. 

The forum’s main consideration at the moment is a carbon emission standard of 105 grams of CO2 per kilometre for all cars.

However, only two of Australia’s top 20 cars come close to meeting this standard.

CEO of Motor Trades Association of Australia Richard Dudley joins Chris Smith and says it’ll see cars taken off the market, and those remaining will experience price hikes.

“We’ve obviously got to strive to reduce the environmental footprint of the automobile, but at the same token we can’t do it at the expense of sectioning the Australian community.”

Mr Dudley adds that utes are at the higher emissions end and this change would affect the livelihoods of blue collar workers.

“We’re talking about utility vehicles… used by tradespeople, used in the bush, used in regional and rural Australia.”

He thinks the government hasn’t given enough thought to the ramifications of an emissions standard of this nature.

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