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Snowy Hydro a step closer to mega expansion

Michael McLaren
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Snowy 2.0 is the multi-billion expansion of the iconic Snowy Hydro that’s claiming to deliver a far more affordable and reliable energy system. 

But how much will this vision cost, who’s going to foot the bill and will it bring prices down?

Michael McLaren speaks with CEO of Snowy Hydro Paul Broad following the release of a government-commisioned feasibility study.

“We think this is a start of how we have to reshape the whole energy business.”

Amid reports the project is well over budget, Mr Broad ensures Michael the project is economically feasible.

“We don’t want their money. The Prime Minister is calling up offering his dollars. We don’t want ’em.

“We will do so at an economic price far cheaper than many other alternatives around us.”

The project is yet to have final approval and faces backlash from environmental groups, but Mr Broad says they are confident the project will have minimal impact on surrounding parklands.

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Michael McLaren