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Six bodies found in high-risk White Island recovery mission

Six bodies have been recovered from White Island after New Zealand authorities began a high-risk mission to the volcano.

Eight people have been confirmed dead, several believed to be Australian, after the White Island volcano erupted on Monday.

The recovery mission was launched despite scientists warning of the risk of another eruption.

There were eight bodies left on the island, two of which are yet to be found.

New Zealand Police say they will dispatch a dive team as well as conduct an aerial search to search for the two remaining bodies.

Nine News reporter Lizzie Pearl tells Steve Price the mission began pre-dawn.

“Involving a heavy military presence, police, navy ships, helicopters.

“They are wearing some very heavy protective suits which were slowing down the progress a little.

“The volcano is active and could erupt at any moment.”

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Newstalk ZB Reporter in New Zealand Danica McLean tells Luke Grant the coffins were visited by the families.

“Those bodies have since been transported to Auckland where they will undergo the formal identification process.”

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Image: Getty/Marty Melville

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