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‘She’s acting like an autocrat’: Premier blamed for horror Qantas losses

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is under fire, with the state border closure being blamed in part for the crippled airline industry.

Today, Qantas reported a $1.96 billion loss, compared with its $840 million profit last year.

Strategic Aviation Solutions CEO Neil Hansford told Scott Emerson Qantas had “unbelievable bookings” for regional flights within the state, before the border was clamped shut.

“She’s acting like an autocrat.

“I’m just starting to wonder whether she’s locking Queensland down because she knows that her government hasn’t invested in the health system.

“If she got a runaway, like Victoria, Queensland couldn’t cope, and that may be the underlying reason: … so it doesn’t expose the deficiencies of the Queensland health service.”

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Image: Getty, Nine News